Our secret to ordering the best flowers online…

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Is choosing the prettiest photo on our website and clicking “order” the best way to purchase a floral gift?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Our website features lots of beautiful arrangements, and makes ordering flowers easy.  However, if it has a drawback, it’s that it can’t convey up-to-the-minute information.

Consider, for example, a pretty floral design that we have featured on our site.  A customer orders the arrangement online, but unfortunately, we just sold the last of the stargazer lilies featured in it.  Additionally, the photo shows tulips, but the tulips we received from our supplier this week were of poor quality, and had to be rejected.

Furthermore, from looking at our website you would have no way of knowing we have some amazing garden roses in stock, that we got a special buy this week on mini calla lilies, and that our white oriental lilies are fabulous today.

Fortunately, you have an easy option to take this into account when ordering on our website!  Order our “Glory of the Garden” arrangement, and your gift will be custom-designed from the choicest, freshest and best value of the flowers we currently have in stock.

Mixed flowers

In the “special instruction” box at check out you can tell us any additional information you’d like us to know.  For example:

  • What is the favorite color of the recipient?  Does the recipient have a favorite flower?
  • Where will the arrangement be displayed?  In the middle of a dining room table?  On a desk? On a side table?
  • Does the recipient favor sleek, contemporary designs, or are they more traditional?
  • Would the recipient prefer a design that is low and compact, or taller and more loosely arranged?
  • Would the recipient prefer a highly fragranced choice of flowers?  Or are strong fragrances a potential problem?

We are honored that so many of our customers tell us, “We trust you to create something beautiful – you always do!”

Thank you for the trust you, our customers, have placed in us!