Calling all plant nerds…

Linda LudwigPlants

Jim Ludwig writes:

Are there any plant collectors out there?  Back in the 70’s I fell in love with plants.    When Linda and I got married, our first apartment was very small.   I didn’t have room for any large plants.  I collected Gesneriads: mini violets, miniature Sinningias, Episcias, Nematanthus (goldfish plants) and Aeschynanthus (lipstick plants.) My prized rare plant was a variegated Chirita sinensis.

Recently, when I found a grower in Florida that sold episcias and chiritas, I had to buy them.  Does anyone else have a love or fascination for these colorful relatives of the African violet?  They could be your introduction to the wonderful Gesneriad family of plants.  My wife long ago had the philosophy that if we were going to spend the time watering and caring for plants, they better have some redeeming values. These plants are easy to grow, and reward you with colorful blooms throughout the year.


Episcia, chirita and wave fern

We have episcias in 5” pots priced at $18.50 and chiritas in a 6” pots at $28.50.  My special offer to anyone who actually reads this blog is 1/3 off!

Our latest shipment of plants also contains some other beauties. We have a Kimberly Queen fern in a 12” pot, 40” tall and full (great for the front porch or patio!) at $29.50.  Have you ever seen a large pink anthurium plant full of blooms?  We have one in the store, priced at $75.00.


Anthurium plant

How about a plant with vibrant lime green leaves?   It’s called a  dracaena limelight, and we have it in 6” and 8″ pots.

Dracaena Limelight

Dracaena Limelight

We also have a new crispy wave fern that has not even been introduced to the market. Finally, people often ask for the aloe plant, which is a great item to have around the house, as it’s gel will soothe burns.  We have aloe hedgehogs in stock!

If you ever get the desire to talk to a plant nerd, I guess I am one.  Drop by, or give me a call at the store.  I always love to talk plants!