Taste of Pittsburgh gift basket updates…

Linda LudwigGift baskets, Pittsburgh Florist

We’ve been tweaking recipes to our Taste of Pittsburgh gift baskets, as we add some new La Dorita Dulce de LechePittsburgh products we’ve recently discovered.

One product we especially like is Dulce de leche from La Dorita in Sharpsburg.  Dulce de leche is a milk spread from Argentina that is similar to caramel.   It can be used as a spread for bread or toast, as a topping for pancakes, or can be served warm over ice cream.  It’s great this time of year as a dip for apples.  It is featured in our A ‘Burgh Homecoming basket, or may be added to any of our fruit and gourmet baskets.

After many years, we are again using a Natrona Bottling product in our baskets.  Natrona’s Red Ribbon Natrona bottling Red Ribbon Cherry Supreme SodaCherry Supreme soda is their flagship product.  It is made in small batches using 100% cane sugar and other high quality ingredients.  Natrona is one of the last soda makers still bottling in glass.  A bottle of Red Ribbon Cherry Supreme can be found in our Pittsburgh Snack Sampler and Black and Gold baskets.

Biscotti Brothers traditional Italian bakery in Greensburg is our new source for biscotti and pizelles for our Pittsburgh baskets.  Their classic biscotti have no preservatives, no trans-fats, no artificial flavors and no GMO ingredients, while being Kosher certified.  Both biscotti and pizelles are delicious, and can be added to any of our fruit and gourmet baskets.

Our Taste of Pittsburgh baskets are a favorite gift for anyone who is a fan of “da Burgh.”  We can deliver them locally, or ship anywhere in the US with FedEx.  Keep them in mind for the upcoming holidays!