Why send flowers?

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We sometimes hear negative comments about the gift of flowers.  Some Society of American Florists flower deliverypeople mistakenly think that because flowers are not long lasting, they are not a good value.

Those same people are surprised when we tell them that the product we florists actually sell is not really flowers, but rather emotions and feelings.  Remember the old marketing slogan, “Say it with flowers?”  Well, your local florist uses flowers to convey all of life’s sentiments, from “I love you” to “I’m sorry” to “We grieve with you” to “I hope you are feeling better today.”

Flowers are a gift that speaks to the heart of the recipient.  Our friends at the Society of American Florists write of the excitement that accompanies any delivery of flowers…you don’t even have to be the actual recipient to be captivated by a beautiful gift of flowers!

When you give flowers, you give a gift of instant delight – you give a gift of joy and beauty and a memory that can last forever!