Pittsburgh Balloon Bouquets

We can deliver large, festive balloon bouquets made up of several balloons, or add just one or two to a floral arrangement. Let us know what messages you want your balloons to express.

(When ordering online from our website, you can add one or several mylar balloons to your floral arrangement at checkout.)

We charge $3.99 for each mylar balloon, and $2.00 for each latex. Latex balloons with “Hi-Float” added are $2.50 each. (Hi-float allows latex balloons to remain aloft for more than one day.)*

For an extra special gift, let us attach your balloon bouquet to a plush animal or a box of chocolates.

Please note that patients at Children’s Hospital may receive mylar, but not latex, balloons.

*Prices do not include 7% sales tax and delivery.

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