Why send flowers?

We sometimes hear negative comments about the gift of flowers.  Some people mistakenly think that because flowers are not long lasting, they are not a good value. Those same people are surprised when we tell them that the product we florists actually sell is not really flowers, but rather emotions and feelings.  Remember the old marketing slogan, “Say it with … Read More

Our secret to ordering the best flowers online…

Is choosing the prettiest photo on our website and clicking “order” the best way to purchase a floral gift? Maybe yes, maybe no. Our website features lots of beautiful arrangements, and makes ordering flowers easy.  However, if it has a drawback, it’s that it can’t convey up-to-the-minute information. Consider, for example, a pretty floral design that we have featured on … Read More

How to care for your Easter Lily

Nothing heralds the hope and joy of the Easter season than the traditional Easter lily plant!  These fragrant beauties are wonderful gifts to give, and to receive. Call us or order online to have a lily plant delivered, or stop by the store to pick one up.  For lasting enjoyment, pick lily plants with healthy dark green leaves and flowers … Read More

How to be a smart consumer when ordering flowers online…

Do you know the secret to getting top quality, service and value when ordering flowers online? Here’s the scoop on what you need to know to become a savvy floral consumer… When it comes to the national online floral retailers, there are basically two types.  All floral websites display photos of beautifully designed floral arrangements.  But when you read the … Read More