Why send flowers?

We sometimes hear negative comments about the gift of flowers.  Some Society of American Florists flower deliverypeople mistakenly think that because flowers are not long lasting, they are not a good value.

Those same people are surprised when we tell them that the product we florists actually sell is not really flowers, but rather emotions and feelings.  Remember the old marketing slogan, “Say it with flowers?”  Well, your local florist uses flowers to convey all of life’s sentiments, from “I love you” to “I’m sorry” to “We grieve with you” to “I hope you are feeling better today.”

Flowers are a gift that speaks to the heart of the recipient.  Our friends at the Society of American Florists write of the excitement that accompanies any delivery of flowers…you don’t even have to be the actual recipient to be captivated by a beautiful gift of flowers!

When you give flowers, you give a gift of instant delight – you give a gift of joy and beauty and a memory that can last forever!


Our secret to ordering the best flowers online…

Is choosing the prettiest photo on our website and clicking “order” the best way to purchase a floral gift?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Our website features lots of beautiful arrangements, and makes ordering flowers easy.  However, if it has a drawback, it’s that it can’t convey up-to-the-minute information.

Consider, for example, a pretty floral design that we have featured on our site.  A customer orders the arrangement online, but unfortunately, we just sold the last of the stargazer lilies featured in it.  Additionally, the photo shows tulips, but the tulips we received from our supplier this week were of poor quality, and had to be rejected.

Furthermore, from looking at our website you would have no way of knowing we have some amazing garden roses in stock, that we got a special buy this week on mini calla lilies, and that our white oriental lilies are fabulous today.

Fortunately, you have an easy option to take this into account when ordering on our website!  Order our “Glory of the Garden” arrangement, and your gift will be custom-designed from the choicest, freshest and best value of the flowers we currently have in stock.

Mixed flowers

In the “special instruction” box at check out you can tell us any additional information you’d like us to know.  For example:

  • What is the favorite color of the recipient?  Does the recipient have a favorite flower?
  • Where will the arrangement be displayed?  In the middle of a dining room table?  On a desk? On a side table?
  • Does the recipient favor sleek, contemporary designs, or are they more traditional?
  • Would the recipient prefer a design that is low and compact, or taller and more loosely arranged?
  • Would the recipient prefer a highly fragranced choice of flowers?  Or are strong fragrances a potential problem?

We are honored that so many of our customers tell us, “We trust you to create something beautiful – you always do!”

Thank you for the trust you, our customers, have placed in us!


How to care for your Easter Lily

Nothing heralds the hope and joy of the Easter season than the traditional Easter lily plant!  These fragrant beauties are wonderful gifts to give, and to receive.

Easter Lily

Call us or order online to have a lily plant delivered, or stop by the store to pick one up.  For lasting enjoyment, pick lily plants with healthy dark green leaves and flowers that are both open and in bud.

It’s easy to care for your Easter lily:

  • Remove yellow anthers as flowers open to prevent staining
  • Keep in moderately cool temperatures
  • Keep in bright, indirect sunlight
  • Avoid drafts, heat and dry air
  • Keep the soil moist and, well-drained, but never let the plant sit in water

After the Easter lily blooms, plant it outdoors in a sunny location 6 inches deep in rich, well-drained soil. You will have lilies blooming around mid-June, year after year.

Attention cat lovers: According to the National Animal Poison Control Center, certain types of lilies can cause renal failure in cats that have ingested any part of the lily. Keep lilies out of the reach of cats. Lilies do not pose a problem for other pets or humans.

With thanks to the Society of American florists, for their plant care tips!


How to be a smart consumer when ordering flowers online…

Do you know the secret to getting top quality, service and value when ordering flowers online?

Here’s the scoop on what you need to know to become a savvy floral consumer…

When it comes to the national online floral retailers, there are basically two types.  All floral websites display photos of beautifully designed floral arrangements.  But when you read the fine print on some sites, you’ll discover that the flowers are drop-shipped in a box from a central warehouse and are left on your doorstep, delivered by FedEx.  A vase may be provided, but it is an assemble-it-yourself gift that the recipient may or may not appreciate.  It is certainly not something suitable to send to a hospital or funeral home, or if you want to make a big impression.

Valentine's Week at FedEx

Valentine’s Week at FedEx

The other online floral retailers depend on the local florist to create and deliver their bouquets.  The nationals sometimes promise a product that might not even be available in the local flower shop.  Plus, the local florist is receiving only 73 cents on every dollar spent to fill your order to look like what is pictured on the national website.  With delivery costs and wire service fees that local florists pay, the local guys are most likely losing money on each order that they fill.

In addition, the national websites charge their customers unnecessary service fees that are not passed on to the local florists.  It is very profitable to be the big online presence, and very un-profitable to be the local florist actually arranging and delivering the flowers!

The result is the disappearance of the neighborhood flower shop, as more and more florists go out of business because they haven’t figured out that filling incoming orders from the big guys is actually hurting their bottom line.

What’s a smart consumer to do?

Rather than ordering from a national online floral service, do a Google search for a local florist in the city you are sending flowers.


Some of the big guys have created hundreds of doorway pages to their websites with individual city names, so that links to their site come up in any local search. They buy up local phone numbers and put up phony locations on Google Maps, so they appear to be a local florist.

When you find a company you think is a local florist — before you place an order online — phone them and tell them you’d like to pick up your flowers.   Ask for an address and directions to their store.  Only a true local florist will be able to do this!  A call center will not.

When you find a local florist, you’ve found someone you can work with to get the product and service you deserve.  Local florists are artists who will describe the freshest flowers available in their shops, fulfill unusual requests, and arrange for special or timed deliveries.  With no added middleman service charges, you will get more value for your dollar.  And you will be supporting Main Street America, sustaining those local businesses which are the lifeblood of our economy.

And now you are a savvy floral consumer!