Don’t be deceived!

Are you ordering flowers from a real florist?

Beware of national online, yellow page, or “800 number” middlemen who charge inflated prices, skim hefty service fees, and then pass your floral order to a local florist to fill at a discount!

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Don’t be fooled by deceptive advertising which makes it appear that you are doing business with a neighborhood florist!

Know your florist by checking any website or yellow page ad for a LOCAL address and phone number. (With many floral websites, it is difficult to find ANY address listed for the business.)  Better yet, try phoning the florist to ask for directions to their place of business so that you might pick up your flowers.  A legitimate “brick and mortar” florist will be able to direct you; an online call center will not.

You can usually save money, and receive better quality and service by ordering from a LOCAL florist!Your real local Pittsburgh floristLearn more about ordering flowers online

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